From formulation, packaging development to product delivery, our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process

Product Categories

Facial Care

At Bioscents, we can customize the perfect product for your brand and customer. Our team is always breaking new paths, utilizing the most advanced technologies and systems to create formulas that redefine beauty in the market.


Romantic, elegant, fun, fresh… together we will design fascinating scents and visionary concepts that will differentiate your products and will create new sensations for your customers.

Bath & Body Care

Something special for your own line and brand. We can work with you to create a custom formula, improve an existing one or use one of our own.

Hands & Feet Care

Practical solutions created for daily care and protection of hands and feet.

Hair Care

Create unique products for your own specialty hair care line, following the latest trends. We offer different formulations and scents for women, men and kids.

Men’s Grooming

We understand that men’s skin and skincare routine is different from women’s; together we can create a range of grooming essentials for hair, face, beard and body care products.

Children & babies

Skincare is our passion, and we know how important it is for your little ones to be protected. Take care of your baby’s sensitive skin with products formulated to nourish and soften the most delicate skin.

Spa & Home

Create a spa-like experience for your customer with soothing textures and make a house feel like home with our exclusive fragrances and essential oils.


At Bioscents, we know that customers are the reason of the success of any business. Together we will create unique gifts customized with your brand’s logo, color palette and any other detail you choose, to give your customer a unique experience.